Dr. Takao's Personalized Medical Care



Dr. Takao is passionate about providing the personalized, patient-oriented care that has differentiated his practice for 30 years.  He is very accessible and loyal to his patients and these are the fundamental operating principles in his pediatric practice.

Personalized Medical Care Provided by Dr. Takao:

  • Contact Dr. Takao easily during business and off hours.
  • Direct interaction with Dr. Takao for virtually all office services.
  • Comprehensive and current medical information combined with an "old school" approach (taking a thorough history, mindfully listening to patient and family concerns, and providing detailed follow up).
  • Phone advice given by Dr. Takao.  No nurse advice lines. No phone advice fees.   
  • Excellent physical examinations using skills that Dr. Takao annually teaches to medical students at UCSF.
  • Extended counseling and consultant appointments for patient crises such as extreme behavior, depression, learning disorders, attention deficits, and family emergencies.
  • Dr. Takao serves as the point person for bringing together specialists to help address more complex medical diagnoses.